The classical firmness and philosophical insight in the mystical realms of Angel Iliev are the first to meet us, should we stand in front of his work. Will we become witnesses of a confession in what seems to be "still life", will his landscape tell us a dramatic tale, will his images beg to be redeemed from their secrets, or will his visions open our eyes to revelations? We understand this once we step into his paintings. Apart from their radical influence and undeniable virtuosity, all these pieces are remarkable above all for the author’s ability to build them in a perfect collaboration of three ingredients that define class: high spiritual conceptuality, solid basis of meaning, and mastery in balancing the use of expression. His canvases discreetly breathe a ceaselessly yearning mutuality that appears to be an obsessive element in his art. Inspired by the Renaissance ideal and driven impetuously into his own unique trajectory, his brushmanship sabres all our attempts to define it in our familiar styles, even though we could see the surreal plots (touching the edge of fantastic realism), the baroque techniques, the impressionist attitude to light and colour, the expressionist swift of an idea, or the cubism style geometry of the Universal Principle sounding as basso ostinato throughout the flesh of all his works, making them not soaring pointless, but stepping on the bottom of a divine profound. Not belonging to a specific time or dimension, Angelo does not recreate, he creates, instead. He brings to existence brand new worlds – all of them accessible and captivating for both the connoisseur and the client.

"What I would like to show in my art is the air we cannot see but still exists. I don't want to follow the actual approaches in presenting art. I prefer to be myself enough and to show everything I feel."


Born in 1968 in Sofia, Bulgaria. He lives and works in London. He is one of the two Bulgarians who exhibited works at auction for Sotheby's. The other one is Christo (Hristo Yavashev).

Participant in numerous exhibitions and competitions, some of which in New York, Basel, and London. Works mainly oil and acrylic on canvas and wood. His paintings are sold among a wide range of connoisseurs. They are stored in private collections and galleries. They can also be seen here.

Solo Exhibitions

  • December,2013 - art exhibition - Vibe Gallery, London
  • June, 2001 – Bulgarian Embassy Art Gallery, London, UK
  • March, 2010 – Peacock Fine Art Gallery, London, UK
  • February, 2000 – The “Art” Gallery, Varna, Bulgaria
  • March, 1999 – Foyles Art Gallery, London, UK
  • June, 1998 – Style Gallery, Albena Resort, Bulgaria
  • May, 1998 – Style Gallery, Dobrich, Bulgaria
  • April, 1997 – Style Gallery, Dobrich, Bulgaria
  • April, 1993 – Academy of Modern Art, Hague, Netherlands
  • October, 1991 – Dobrich, Bulgaria
  • July, 1991 – Dobrich, Bulgaria

Group Exhibitions

  • Untitled art fair, Chelsea Old Town Hall, London - October 2021
  • Dobrich gallery, Bulgaria - April 2021
  • TRIBE17 International Art Festival at OXO Bargehouse, London
  • THE ARTBOX GALLERY, Basel Switzerland - 2017
  • Artrooms art fair 2017, London UK
  • Artrooms art fair 2016, London UK
  • February, 2000 – Art Exhibition, Varna, Bulgaria
  • August, 1999 – Art Exhibition, Lessidren, Bulgaria
  • October, 1998 – Art Exhibition, Kurdjaly, Bulgaria
  • December, 1997 – Art Exhibition Dobrich, Bulgaria
  • December, 1991 – Art Exhibition, Sofia, Bulgaria
  • March, 1998 – Exhibition of Young Artists, Dobrich, Bulgaria
  • December, 1987 – Regional Exhibition, Dobrich, Bulgaria


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